Peter Gawend Interview

Peter Bodo Gawenda

Peter Bodo Gawenda  

Peter Bodo Gawenda completed the German Air Force Academy and was commissioned a lieutenant in the German Air Force. After different assignments in the German Army and Air Force and graduation from Command and Staff school, his assignments in Germany included squadron commander, and staff planner in high-level German Headquarters and in NATO. In the United States, he held liaison positions in US Army Schools.

Peter advanced to the rank of lieutenant colonel and became a member of the German General Staff, spending an administrative assignment in the prestigious Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr (Leadership Academy for German and Foreign Military and Civilians earmarked for high leadership positions) in Hamburg. He spent time in France, Holland, and Denmark and left the German military in 1981 and immigrated to Texas with his family. Peter completed his education with a master's in international relations and a doctorate in education. He currently resides in Brownsville, Texas, where he is Dean of the College of Applied Technology and General Studies for The University of Texas and Texas Southmost College. He has also served as Vice President of Business Affairs and Director of Institutional Research and Planning.

"I know we children were excited
by World War II, but we didn’t fully
comprehend the loss of our home,
the loss of loved ones and the global
changes that we were part of.
We thought we had to make it our task
to help our families survive, to escape
death and destruction.
That is how the war became our war,
the “Children’s War."


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